How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services

The consumer services sector offers a wide range of job options. Most industries in this category have the potential to create a lot of new jobs. Furthermore, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), several of these fields have a lot of room for job growth.

In this article, we discuss how many jobs are available in the consumer services sector based on data collected by the BLS and we offer a list of a number of positions you may be interested in.

What are consumer services!

 Consumer services are those that businesses offer to people directly rather than to other firms and organizations. The purpose of consumer services is to meet the needs of people by offering assistance, knowledge, advice, counsel, or direction that overcomes a problem or offers a benefit. There are many different consumer services, however some of the more popular segments in this market include.

 Retail services

Retails service who use retail consumer services get the knowledge and assistance they need to make critical decisions, overcome obstacles, or take advantage of retail products. An extensive subset of jobs, from entry-level employment to senior and executive-level positions, are included in the consumer service sector. In terms of retail consumer services, a few areas include.

Hospitality and leisure services 

Careers in areas including the food and restaurant, entertainment, travel and tourism, and leisure consumer services are all included under the umbrella of hospitality. The BLS predicts that there will be a large increase in job opportunities in the hotel and leisure sectors between 2021 and 2031. In addition, it forecasts 8.3 million new employment over the following ten years, with 23.1% of them concentrated in the hospitality and leisure sector. Several industries with lots of work opportunities in these consumer services include.

Health and social services 
The usage of healthcare items, medical treatments, and access to legal and financial support are just a few examples of the crucial life decisions that people’s health and social consumer services assist them in making. Communities and towns, where you may anticipate a high supply of jobs in the health, finance, legal, and social services sectors, frequently require these services since they are necessary. You may experience faster growth than normal in a number of the health and social services sectors, including.

Education services
Consumer services for education assist individuals and families in making educated decisions regarding their academic, career, and personal development options. Roles in this sector include coordinators, teachers, counselors, and advisers, to name a few. Additionally, between 2021 and 2031, the BLS forecasts a 7% growth in employment opportunities in this consumer services industry. There are a few areas in this industry you might think about.

 What is the job outlook for consumer services?
 According to the BLS, between 2021 and 2031, consumer services employment will experience a 4% reduction. Even though the BLS predicts a general drop, it also lists an annual average of 389,400 job opportunities in the sector. These anticipated openings may result from the need to replace workers who are leaving the industry or leaving the workforce.
 Additionally, there may be variations in occupational outlooks for various consumer service areas and job types. For instance, sales management positions should experience a 5% increase over the same ten years, compared to a 4% growth expectation for customer service and sales reps working in wholesale and manufacturing. Over the next ten years, professionals in consumer services industries including marketing, advertising, and promotion management can anticipate a 7% growth in job opportunities.
 5 jobs in consumer services
1. Concierge
 $43,706 per year is the average pay in the country.

primary obligations: Although there are many different areas of the hospitality industry where concierges operate, hotels & accommodation, travel, and tourism are the most popular ones. In hotels and tourist destinations, a concierge assists visitors with bookings for housing and meals, transportation, and activities and events. Additionally, concierges make sure that visitors feel at ease and have a good time while they are there. 

 2. Retail sales associate

$44,713 is the average yearly wage in the country.
Primary responsibilities: In a retail environment, sales associates assist consumers, respond to inquiries, and offer support. As they assist their establishments in raising customer satisfaction and loyalty, they play a significant part in providing excellent customer service. These experts may progress into managerial positions where they are in charge of groups that frequently deal with customers.

3. Academic adviser

$45,008 per year is the average pay in the country.
primary obligations: Academic advisors offer counselling services that assist students in selecting the educational courses and programmes that will best help them achieve their objectives. They assist students with course selection and planning, assessment of academic readiness, and academic success advice. In order to guarantee that students receive the necessary academic help, advisors frequently collaborate closely with admissions offices and offer support to students during the admissions process. 

 4. Technical support specialist
 $54,978 annually is the average pay nationwide.
primary obligations: technological support professionals are in charge of a range of customer care duties, such as responding to queries from customers and fixing technological problems. They frequently work for technology firms and offer computer and technical help to clients who purchase and utilise a business’s goods and services. Professionals in technical assistance may also specialise in specialised fields including network, software, and data security support
5. Social worker 
$57,635 is the average yearly wage in the country.
primary obligations: Social workers frequently collaborate with medical and mental health specialists and play a crucial role in the wellbeing and security of their communities. They support families and people in overcoming and adjusting to a variety of difficulties, including traumatic events, illnesses, addiction, and impairments. A social worker can also act as a support system for people and families who are changing their lifestyles and pursuing healthy objectives.






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