Gulf News Jobs in Dubai 2024: Exploring Career Opportunities

Gulf News, a leading English-language newspaper in the UAE, serves as a vital platform for job seekers and employers alike, offering a wide range of career opportunities across various industries. This article explores the latest job openings at Gulf News in Dubai for the year 2024, highlighting the diverse roles available and the benefits of working with this esteemed publication.

Introduction to Gulf News Jobs

Gulf News has long been a trusted source of news and information in the UAE, providing readers with comprehensive coverage of local and international events, business news, lifestyle features, and more. In addition to its editorial content, Gulf News jobs also serves as a valuable resource for job seekers, with its classifieds section showcasing a myriad of employment opportunities in Dubai and beyond.

Diversity of Job Openings

Gulf News offers a diverse array of job openings to suit individuals with varying skills, qualifications, and career aspirations. From journalism and editorial roles to marketing, advertising, and administrative positions, there are opportunities available across various departments and industries. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, Gulf News provides a platform to explore and pursue exciting career paths in Dubai’s dynamic job market.

Operations Assistant

Sector: Required for a transport company
Work Location: Dubai
Experience: must have 2 years of UAE experience.
Salary: 2500 dirhams

Send CV Email: 055-5076261
Job Publishing Date: 10th May  2023

Urgently Required for an Arab Family in Dubai (2 Nos.)

1) Chef / Cook
 Must have experience in Arabic & International Cuisines

2) Barista Coffee / Tea Maker
 Indian male candidates

Send CV Email: 
Send CV Email:

Job published on: 10th May 2024

Benefits of Working at Gulf News Jobs

Working at Gulf News jobs comes with a range of benefits, including competitive salaries, opportunities for career advancement, and a supportive work environment. As part of a renowned media organization, employees have the chance to work alongside talented professionals and gain valuable experience in journalism, digital media, marketing, and more. Moreover, Gulf News’s central location in Dubai Media City provides easy access to transportation, dining options, and recreational activities, enhancing the overall work experience.

Journalism and Editorial Opportunities

For individuals passionate about journalism and storytelling, Gulf News jobs offers numerous opportunities to make an impact in the media industry. Whether you’re a seasoned reporter, a skilled editor, or a multimedia journalist with a flair for digital storytelling, there are roles available to showcase your talents and contribute to Gulf News’s award-winning editorial team. From covering breaking news and investigative reporting to feature writing and opinion pieces, Gulf News jobs provides a platform to inform, inspire, and engage readers across the UAE.

Marketing and Advertising Roles

Gulf News also offers opportunities for individuals with a background in marketing, advertising, and communications to join its dynamic team. From marketing managers and brand strategists to advertising sales executives and creative directors, there are roles available to drive Gulf News’s marketing initiatives and revenue-generating activities. With its vast reach and loyal readership, Gulf News provides a unique platform for marketers to connect with audiences and showcase their brands to a diverse demographic.

Administrative and Support Positions

In addition to editorial and marketing roles, Gulf News jobs also offers opportunities for individuals interested in administrative and support positions. From administrative assistants and customer service representatives to IT support specialists and human resources professionals, there are roles available to keep Gulf News’s operations running smoothly and efficiently. Whether you’re behind the scenes or on the front lines, Gulf News jobs values the contributions of all its employees in delivering quality content and services to readers and advertisers alike.


In conclusion, Gulf News serves as a valuable resource for job seekers in Dubai, offering a wide range of career opportunities across various departments and industries. With its commitment to excellence, innovation, and journalistic integrity, Gulf News provides a dynamic and rewarding work environment for professionals looking to make a difference in the media industry. Whether you’re passionate about journalism, marketing, or administration, Gulf News welcomes individuals from all backgrounds to join its team and be part of its continued success in 2024.

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