Emirates Flight Catering Jobs in Dubai 2024


Are you passionate about aviation and culinary arts? Do you dream of working in a dynamic environment where you can combine your love for food with the excitement of the airline industry? Look no further than Emirates Flight Catering in Dubai. In 2024, Emirates Flight Catering offers a range of exciting job opportunities for individuals eager to embark on a rewarding career journey in aviation catering. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Emirates Flight Catering jobs in Dubai, exploring the roles available, qualifications required, and how you can become part of this prestigious organization.

About Emirates Flight Catering Jobs

Emirates Flight Catering is a world-class catering facility located at Dubai International Airport, catering to the inflight dining needs of Emirates Airlines and other carriers. With state-of-the-art kitchens, cutting-edge technology, and a team of culinary experts, Emirates Flight Catering delivers exceptional dining experiences to passengers traveling around the globe.

Why Work at Emirates Flight Catering jobs?

Joining Emirates Flight Catering offers numerous benefits and opportunities for career growth and development. Here are some reasons to consider a career with Emirates Flight Catering jobs:

  • Global Impact: Emirates Flight Catering serves millions of passengers annually, making a significant impact on the aviation industry and shaping the inflight dining experience for travelers worldwide.
  • Culinary Excellence: As part of the Emirates Group, Emirates Flight Catering upholds the highest standards of culinary excellence, offering employees the opportunity to work with top chefs, premium ingredients, and innovative culinary techniques.
  • Cutting-Edge Facilities: Emirates Flight Catering’s state-of-the-art facilities feature advanced equipment, modern kitchens, and stringent quality control measures, providing an optimal working environment for culinary professionals.
  • Career Growth Opportunities: Emirates Flight Catering is committed to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for career advancement. Employees have access to training programs, mentorship initiatives, and internal mobility opportunities to progress in their careers within the organization.
Organization NameEmirates Flight Catering
EducationEquivalent Degree/Diploma
Salary RangeNot specified
BenefitsStandard Benefits
Posted Date8th – April 2024

Available Job Positions in Dubai 2024

Emirates Flight Catering jobs offers a diverse range of job opportunities across various functions and departments. Whether you’re a seasoned chef, a food production specialist, or an aspiring hospitality professional, there’s a role for you at Emirates Flight Catering. Here are some of the available job positions you may find in Dubai in 2024:

1. Chef de Partie

Join the culinary team as a Chef de Partie and play a key role in preparing and executing inflight menus to the highest standards of quality and presentation. Collaborate with fellow chefs to create delicious and innovative dishes that delight passengers’ palates.

2. Food Production Supervisor

Oversee food production operations and ensure efficient workflow, adherence to recipes, and compliance with food safety standards as a Food Production Supervisor. Lead a team of production staff to meet production targets and deliver exceptional inflight meals.

3. Quality Assurance Officer

Ensure the highest standards of food safety, hygiene, and quality control are maintained throughout the catering process as a Quality Assurance Officer. Conduct inspections, audits, and assessments to identify areas for improvement and implement corrective actions.

4. Logistics Coordinator

Coordinate the logistical aspects of inflight catering operations, including procurement, inventory management, and distribution, as a Logistics Coordinator. Ensure timely delivery of catering supplies and equipment to aircraft and other designated locations.

5. Customer Service Representative

Provide exceptional customer service and support to airline clients, passengers, and internal stakeholders as a Customer Service Representative. Handle inquiries, requests, and feedback in a professional and courteous manner to ensure customer satisfaction.

Job TitleCityApply Link
Safety Specialist – Emirati Talent PoolDubaiApply Now
HR Specialist – Business PartneringDubaiApply Now
Housekeeping SupervisorDubaiApply Now
AVP Operations Support ServicesDubaiApply Now
Senior Manager – Dispatch & TransportDubaiApply Now


Emirates Flight Catering jobs offers an exciting and rewarding career path for individuals passionate about culinary arts and aviation. With opportunities to work in a world-class facility, collaborate with top chefs, and contribute to the inflight dining experience of millions of passengers, Emirates Flight Catering provides an unparalleled work environment for culinary professionals in Dubai.

FAQs about Emirates Flight Catering Jobs in Dubai

1. What qualifications are required to work at Emirates Flight Catering? Qualifications and requirements vary depending on the job position. However, candidates typically need relevant education, skills, and experience in culinary arts, hospitality, food production, or related fields.

2. Are there opportunities for career advancement and professional development at Emirates Flight Catering? Yes, Emirates Flight Catering is committed to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for career growth and development. Employees have access to training programs, mentorship initiatives, and internal mobility opportunities to progress in their careers within the organization.

3. Do I need prior experience in aviation catering to work at Emirates Flight Catering? While prior experience in aviation catering is advantageous, Emirates Flight Catering also considers candidates with relevant experience in other areas of food production, hospitality, or culinary arts. The company provides training and support to help employees adapt to the unique requirements of aviation catering.

4. What is the work culture like at Emirates Flight Catering? Emirates Flight Catering fosters a collaborative, inclusive, and professional work culture where employees are empowered to excel and innovate. The company values teamwork, creativity, and excellence, creating a supportive environment for employees to thrive.

5. How can I stay updated on job openings at Emirates Flight Catering? You can stay informed about the latest job openings at Emirates Flight Catering by regularly checking the Careers section of their official website, setting up job alerts, and following their social media channels for updates.

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