Amazon Delivery Jobs with Own Car in Dubai

 Amazon Delivery Jobs

Person with own Avenza, KIA, Previa, Van, Docker, or Volkswagen caddy delivery vans needed immediately.
Urgent Hiring for Own Visa and Own Van at Amazon!
Delivery Van/Docker/Volkswagen Caddy/Avenza/KIA/Previa/ Every Day 230 (Including Everything) for Any 7 Seater Pajero for Delivery Vans / H1 Honda Vans.


 1) Solid communication and English skills.
2) A valid driver’s license for at least six months.
3) The minimum delivery experience period should be three months.
4) Aware of the locations in the UAE.
5) Bringing your original passport to the interview is required; only he will be taken into consideration.

Benefits :

Jobs as an Amazon driver come with a number of advantages for those looking for work in this industry. These advantages may differ depending on the area and particular sort of driving position held, however the following are some typical ones: 

* Competitive Pay: Amazon normally pays its drivers a competitive rate. The type of delivery service (such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Flex, or Amazon Delivery Service Partner) and the location can affect pay rates. 

* Flexible Work Schedules: Many Amazon driver opportunities allow drivers to select part-time or full-time hours in accordance with their availability. This flexibility may be particularly appealing to retirees, students, or people with other responsibilities.

* Bonuses and Incentives: For drivers who reach performance targets or make deliveries during busy times of the year, Amazon frequently offers bonuses and incentives. These bonuses have a substantial impact on earnings.

* Vehicle Programmes: Depending on the particular position, Amazon may provide discounts or rental programmes for drivers who need access to a vehicle for delivery purposes.

* Career Advancement: Since Amazon is a sizable and rapidly expanding corporation, driver roles may open the door to additional career options there. Management positions or positions in other departments may be available as advancement opportunities.

* Independence: Since drivers are in charge of organising their own delivery routes and schedules, Amazon driver positions often require some autonomy. People who prefer to operate without continual monitoring may find this independence appealing.

Apply Now : Whats App or call if you have your own car :  +97155 431 8100

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