Forklift Operator Jobs in Dubai UAE , (With Salaries 2023 )

Forklift Operators with experience and aptitude are needed to join our team in Dubai. Forklift experts who are interested in contributing to our warehousing and logistics operations have a great opportunity. For qualified people who want to join our vibrant and expanding organization, we provide visa sponsorship.

Forklift Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship
Industry: Shipping
Location: Dubai United Arab Emirates
Salary: 2500 AED – 7500 AED
Country: UAE
• Secondary // Bachelor Degree / Diploma

• 1-2 Years of Experience 

 Job Summary:

 You will be an essential part of our warehouse or construction site’s effective handling and transportation of supplies as a forklift operator. Maintaining a smooth flow of logistical activities will be made possible by your proficiency in forklift operation. The ability to work in a fast-paced workplace, pay close attention to detail, and follow safety procedures are requirements for this position.

• Use forklifts to transfer products and supplies around a warehouse or construction site.
• Handle incoming and departing shipments, making sure that the items are stored and organised correctly.
• Verify that forklifts are in good operating order by checking and inspecting them both before and after usage.
• Stack and store materials in specific areas safely and precisely.
• Use the appropriate forklift accessories, such as clamps or hooks, for the tasks at hand.
• Adhere to safety standards and recommendations, which includes donning the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).
• Work together to set priorities for jobs and keep operations running well with managers and the warehouse personnel.
• Conduct regular forklift maintenance, such as refueling, monitoring the oil level, and cleaning.

Inform the proper staff of any forklift issues or maintenance requirements.
• Support inventory management by precisely documenting material movement and quantity.
• Comply with loading and unloading schedules in order to satisfy delivery and project deadlines.
• Keep your workspace neat and orderly to maintain accessibility and safety.
• Comply with instructions and regulations regarding the handling, storing, and transportation of materials.
• Manage any additional forklift operation responsibilities or projects that your supervisor may designate.


Qualifications and Requirements:

a track record of success as a forklift operator or in a comparable position.
• A current licence or certification for forklift operators is essential.
• Expertise in forklift operation and familiarity with safety procedures.
• The capacity to operate various forklift models and attachments.
• Solid knowledge of the layout of a warehouse or building site.
• Excellent muscular stamina and coordination for forklift operation.
• The capacity to accurately follow directions and pay close attention to details.
• Proficient oral and written English communication abilities.
• Reliable, punctual, and able to work in shifts if necessary.
• Local applicants must have a residency or work permit in the UAE; qualified individuals may be sponsored for visas.

Become a member of our team as a forklift operator in Dubai and take part in a dynamic and productive warehouse and logistics environment.

To apply, send your most recent résumé and a succinct cover letter outlining your interest in the position of forklift operator. We are excited to have a talented and committed person join our team.
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