Sales Jobs in Dubai 2023


Marketing requires sales
abilities, and a skilled marketer is one who can sell heaters in sunny, sandy
deserts and refrigerators in Alaska. Furthermore, it’s a job that’s easily
obtained anywhere in the world. But although some sales positions pay the most,
some don’t. Here, I’ll tell you about the top 5 sales jobs in Dubai, which will
not only provide you with a respectable wage but also with additional perks
that will enable you to live comfortably in Dubai and lavishly at your favorite
spot somewhere in your hometown wherever you choose to spend the rest of your

Types of Sales Jobs

Jobs in sales for property in

Amazing Dubai offers opulent
residences and a plethora of chances for real estate sales. Yes, please apply
for this position if you believe you possess this potential and the necessary
abilities. Your income is limitless; how much you can make relies entirely on
your sales and talent. It’s now time for you to apply to Dubai real estate
sales positions.

Jobs in Dubai that include
Selling Credit Cards: 

As a credit card seller, your job
is to sell credit cards that belong to the bank or business that hired you. You
don’t have to go to numerous sites to get sunburned; instead, your businesses
will drop you off where clients are expecting. It is where you will close
deals. You receive a base pay in addition to commission and much more. such as
a complimentary lunch, pick-and-drop services, and the ability to avoid walking
in the intense sun.

Jobs for retail sales officers in

If you have experience working in
retail, this position is ideal for you. Your responsibility in this position
will be to generate sales for your owner so that he may sell his goods in the
marketplace and bring in more clients. Your pay will be closely correlated with
sales, meaning that the more sales you generate, the more money you may make.
Therefore, it is advisable that you apply for sales opportunities in Dubai jobs
right away if you have suitable expertise.

Following are the latest jobs:

1. Sales Executive

Job Requirements:

− Experience in the construction

− Must have a UAE Driving License

Call: 050-7482951

Email your CV to:

Job published on: 13th November

2. Sales Executive

Experience: Required experience
in building materials.

License: UAE D/L must

Preferred: Indian national

Age Limit: Age between 20-28

Benefits: Good salary package.

Email your CV to:

Job published on: 13th November

3. Sales Supervisor – Electronics

Company: AWS Distribution

Job Type: Full time

Location: Dubai

Experience: Must have UAE
experience and the capability to work under pressure.

UAE License: Must have a driving

Benefits: Attractive salary
package + other benefits

Joining: Immediately available to

Interview Date & Location

Date: 12th Nov, 19th Nov &
26th November 2023

Timing: 10:00 AM – 02:00 PM

Location: Bin Shabib Mall, Mezzanine

Al Qusais Industrial Area #1

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Important Note:

pay someone for an exam, interview, or job. Be cautious if they request
payment in advance to guarantee your job, training expenses, job
processing fees, etc. Furthermore, in any case, avoid disclosing your
personal bank information.

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