Office Boy Jobs in Dubai


People without much education or
experience working in offices are the ones who should apply for office boy
jobs. Furthermore, Dubai is now experiencing a high for this employment.
Sending laborers to Dubai for office boy work is welcome from third-world
nations and those with lower employment rates. For those seeking respectable
work, the following are some arguments in favor of applying for office boy
jobs in Dubai:

You Will Get Tickets And Accommodation:

In addition to providing you with
tickets to travel, all companies in Dubai that hire office boys also cover all
of your living expenses while you are there. Whether you pass or fail the
interview, you are still eligible to use these amenities for free until you
return. You can even apply for other jobs that you qualify for while you’re

Enough compensation and
additional Benefits: 

If you are hired, you will receive a generous compensation
in addition to additional benefits like housing, food, health insurance, and
easy pick-up and drop services. All of these perks are free of charge to you
out of your paycheck. You can live a decent life there and work around your

Following is the detail of the Office boy jobs

Company: Al Zameer Facility

Location: Dubai

Experience: Proven working Office
Boy experience of min 1 year

Knowledge: Good Knowledge of

Language: Able to speak English

Salary: 1200 – 1500 Dirhams

 Contact: 050-5993907

Job Posted Date: 16th October

For more detail please visit:

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