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Dubai is regarded by the majority
as a land of opportunity. You will concur with this statement if you are
familiar with Nesto Careers, as the Nesto Group provides an extensive range of
employment prospects in the United Arab Emirates. Nesto is widely recognized as
an industry leader in retail. Having experienced a moderate beginning, the
group was founded in 2004 and is now an industry leader. 

With more than
seventy-five locations in Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the United
Arab Emirates, it provides many employment opportunities. Indeed, in order to
provide superior services, the group as a whole requires the most valuable team
capable of making a global impact. They offer an array of positions in order to
deliver genuine and expert services. 



Name of the supermarket

Nesto Group

Job Location

All over the UAE


Required (Equivalent Degree/Diploma)




Will be discussed later


As per UAE Labors’ law

Posted Date

6th – Nov 2023

Job Categories at Nesto in Dubai

These are routine and consistent
positions, which are sought after by the majority of candidates. Recent entrants
to the UAE can begin their careers with the following employment opportunities.
These positions are applicable to individuals seeking employment in any field.
Further classifications are applied to these positions in accordance with their
tiers and prerequisites. In this category, the Nesto Hypermarket salary is

Department of Accounts

Within the realm of accounting, a
diverse array of personnel is required to fulfill various positions, including
but not limited to bookkeepers, accounts assistants, cashiers, record keepers,
accountants, and accounts directors. This is not a minor department;
professionals capable of providing service from the highest levels are required
for Nesto hypermarket jobs 2020. In order to position itself as the preeminent
and most international retailer in the GCC region specializing in hypermarkets
and supermarkets, the group consistently prioritizes the employment of
competent personnel to carry out various tasks such as client acquisition,
consulting, tax maintenance, and payroll.

With a solitary principle and
multiple locations, the entire group is consistently available to assist
clients. The field of accounting is inconceivable without a functioning system
and network of systems. They recognize the value of an efficient system that
results in time and cost savings. They employ a group to assist them in
maintaining the security and safety of their retail store’s data. In
accountancy, precision is critical for every accounting position.

Administrative Occupation Group

Each individual on the staff at
Nesto Careers is exceptionally well-versed in their respective fields.
Administrative personnel are consistently hired by the HR department in order
to facilitate the management of internal systems. They used to employ administrators,
secretaries, computer operators, and data entry personnel in these categories.
They invariably do not adhere to conventional and similar lines of work. Their
pursuit of novel and contemporary approaches introduces diversity and variety
into their work. You will find their performance to be imaginative and

Job Categories in IT

Nesto, being a sizable
corporation, necessitates an imperceptible IT infrastructure that is
systematically managed. They are required to attend to the managed details. In
order to prevent any disruption to the system, they prefer to employ a
proficient and knowledgeable IT staff that can concentrate on its duties and
critical services associated with the IT department.

Motivational Incentives

The Nesto Group abides by the
labor laws of the UAE. It provides a competitive salary in addition to various
perks, such as transportation, medical coverage, and other benefits that are
contingent upon the specific job title and designation. The majority of
individuals are interested in the Nesto hypermarket employment opening because
it represents a significant opportunity for them.

How to apply for jobs at Nesto Hypermarket?

The candidate should visit the
Nesto Careers website and conduct a search for the position’s specifics. You
can either submit your CV to the HR department or complete the form online. For
the Nesto group interview, the HR department will select a subset of the
resumes and invite these individuals in person for a walk-in interview.

Nesto Group conducts business at
all times with candor, cooperation, confidence, and honesty. They provide
competitive compensation arrangements to all of their staff. Nesto Career
provides the most effective recruiters in the UAE. Their objective is to
provide stability, job security, and a conducive work environment for their

Following are the details of the jobs:

Job Title



Fruit & Vegetable Supervisors


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Chartered Accountants


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Fresh Food Managers


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Buyers – FMCG


Apply Now

Please send your CV to:

Important Note:

pay someone for an exam, interview, or job. Be cautious if they request
payment in advance to guarantee your job, training expenses, job
processing fees, etc. Furthermore, in any case, avoid disclosing your
personal bank information.

A career platform that assists UAE job searchers is Please be advised that if someone approaches you for money in exchange for a job, it is an illegal offer.


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