Kitchen Helper Jobs in Dubai – Dubai Kitchen Helper Job

American BBL Restaurant is a well-known restaurant with a stellar reputation for both food and service. We are looking for a committed and motivated Kitchen Helper to become a part of our exciting team. We invite you to apply if you have a strong interest in the culinary arts, enjoy working in a busy setting, and want to make a difference in the success of our restaurant.

 You will be essential to the efficient running of our kitchen as a Kitchen Helper at American BBL Restaurant. Among your duties will be, but are not restricted .Helping Chefs: Work closely with our chefs and kitchen
crew to prepare ingredients, put together dishes, and keep the workspace
Food preparation: To guarantee quality and uniformity,
help chop, slice, and dice ingredients as well as measure and weigh
Dish washing: Using appropriate sanitary methods, clean dishes, kitchenware, and appliances.Stock maintenance involves keeping an eye on and restocking kitchenware to make sure the chefs have easy access to ingredients. 

  Cleaning and Sanitation: Adhere to health and safety
regulations and keep the kitchen area, including the floors, worktops,
and appliances, spotless.

Supporting Team: To guarantee effective meal preparation and prompt service, cooperate with other kitchen employees.

In order to succeed in this position, applicants must meet the following requirements.
The applicant must be under 30 years old.
Physical stamina: the capacity to carry out physically taxing duties and stand for extended periods of time. Excellent communication and teamwork abilities to work well with kitchen workers.The capacity to pick up new skills and adjust to evolving kitchen requirements and practices.Paying close attention to details: scrupulously adhering to cleaning guidelines and recipes. Timeliness and a diligent work ethic are crucial.
How To Apply
Kindly drop your updated CV on below given number.If you will get this job there will be some commission as well. no more job

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