IKEA Jobs in Dubai 2024

Introduction to IKEA Jobs

IKEA, the renowned Swedish furniture retailer, offers a multitude of job opportunities in Dubai for individuals passionate about interior design, customer service, logistics, and retail management. With its commitment to providing affordable and stylish home furnishings, IKEA attracts a diverse workforce dedicated to enhancing the customer experience and driving business success.

Why Choose IKEA Jobs in Dubai?

IKEA’s global reputation for innovation, sustainability, and employee welfare makes it an attractive employer in Dubai’s competitive job market. With a culture that values diversity, inclusion, and work-life balance, IKEA jobs offers a supportive environment where employees can thrive, grow, and make a meaningful impact.

Name of the CompanyIKEA (Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd)
Job-Location Dubai/ Abu Dhabi
ExperienceMandatory / Required
SalaryBased on position
EducationRelevant Degree/Diploma
Jobs Posting Date25th March 2024

Types of IKEA jobs in Dubai

Sales Associates

Sales associates at IKEA jobs Dubai play a crucial role in assisting customers, providing product information, and guiding them through the shopping experience. They help customers find the perfect furniture pieces, accessories, and home décor items to suit their needs and preferences.

Interior Design Consultants

Interior design consultants at IKEA jobs Dubai work closely with customers to understand their design preferences, offer personalized recommendations, and create functional and aesthetically pleasing living spaces. They utilize their design expertise to inspire customers and turn their visions into reality.

Logistics and Warehouse Staff

Logistics and warehouse staff at IKEA Dubai are responsible for receiving, storing, and distributing merchandise efficiently to ensure a seamless supply chain process. They play a vital role in inventory management, order fulfillment, and maintaining the overall operational efficiency of the store.

Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives at IKEA Dubai assist customers with inquiries, concerns, and feedback, striving to deliver exceptional service and resolve issues promptly. They act as brand ambassadors, embodying IKEA’s values of empathy, respect, and integrity in every interaction.

Job titleLocationPositions
Visual MerchandiserDubaiApply Now
Visual MerchandiserAbu DhabiApply Now
Cash Admin ExecutiveAl AinApply Now
Customer Service Assistant – Front DeskDubaiApply Now
Finance ExecutiveDubaiApply Now
Interior DesignerDubaiApply Now
Retail Sales Representative (UAE National)DubaiApply Now
Health and Safety SeniorAbu DhabiApply Now
Recovery (AS/IS) AssistantDubaiApply Now
Communication & Interior Design ManagerDubaiApply Now
Swedish Food Market & Exit Cafe AssistantAbu DhabiApply Now
Regional Sales & Range LeaderDubaiApply Now

Benefits of Working at IKEA Dubai

Employee Discounts

IKEA jobs employees in Dubai enjoy generous discounts on IKEA products, allowing them to furnish their homes with quality furniture and accessories at discounted prices.

Career Development Opportunities

IKEA jobs is committed to employee growth and development, offering training programs, leadership opportunities, and career progression pathways for motivated individuals looking to advance their careers within the company.

Work-Life Balance

IKEA promotes a healthy work-life balance by offering flexible schedules, paid time off, and supportive policies that prioritize employee well-being and promote a positive work environment.

How to Apply for Jobs at IKEA Dubai

Visit the IKEA Careers Website

Prospective candidates can explore job opportunities and submit applications through the official IKEA careers website, where they can search for openings, upload resumes, and complete the application process online.

Attend Recruitment Events

IKEA Dubai frequently hosts recruitment events, job fairs, and career workshops to attract talent and engage with potential candidates. Attending these events provides opportunities to network with IKEA representatives and learn more about available job roles.

Connect on Social Media

Following IKEA’s social media channels and professional networking platforms allows candidates to stay updated on job openings, recruitment events, and company news, as well as connect with recruiters and hiring managers.


In conclusion, IKEA jobs in Dubai offer exciting opportunities for individuals seeking rewarding careers in retail, interior design, logistics, and customer service. With its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and employee development, IKEA provides a conducive environment for professional growth, personal fulfillment, and contributing to the success of the world’s leading furniture retailer.


  1. What types of job benefits does IKEA offer in Dubai?IKEA offers a range of job benefits in Dubai, including employee discounts, career development opportunities, flexible schedules, and supportive policies promoting work-life balance.
  2. How can I apply for a job at IKEA Dubai?Prospective candidates can apply for jobs at IKEA Dubai by visiting the IKEA careers website, attending recruitment events, or connecting with IKEA recruiters on social media platforms.
  3. What qualities does IKEA look for in job candidates?IKEA values qualities such as teamwork, customer focus, creativity, integrity, and a passion for home furnishing and interior design in job candidates, along with relevant skills and experience for specific roles.
  4. Are there opportunities for career advancement at IKEA Dubai?Yes, IKEA Dubai offers opportunities for career advancement and progression through training programs, leadership development initiatives, and internal promotion pathways for talented and motivated employees.
  5. Does IKEA provide training for new employees in Dubai?Yes, IKEA provides training and onboarding programs for new employees in Dubai to equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to succeed in their roles and contribute effectively to the organization.

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