Top 5 Driving School in Dubai , 5 Best Driving Schools in Dubai

 Drivers must be familiar with the rules of the road in each of the UAE’s seven emirates because they differ from one another. Drivers in Dubai are required to abide by the rules established by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). One of these rules states that before obtaining a license, all drivers must enrol in a city-approved driving school.

(1) Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) Emirates Driving Institute is one of the oldest and most reputable driving schools in Dubai. They offer a wide range of driving courses and have a highly qualified team of instructors.

 With the support of the AA Driving School in the UK, the Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) has been a reputable place to learn to drive since its establishment in 1991. Over 500,000 students have been trained by EDI, a top driving school in Dubai, to become safe drivers.

With a staff of almost 500 qualified instructors, EDI provides a range of driving courses to accommodate your schedule and preferred vehicles. To further enhance your learning experience, EDI offers a practical bus service that travels to strategic destinations all across Dubai. In order to meet everyone’s needs, the institute employs both male and female professors, creating a welcoming environment for all students.

Below mentioned are email website and email address. Contact Number :+97142631100
Websites :
 (2) Dubai Driving Center: This is another well-established driving school in Dubai. They offer various driving programs and have a good track record of teaching safe driving skills.    
 The 2003-founded Dubai Driving Centre is a respected leader in driver education. This driving school differentiates itself from newbies with its years of experience. It offers a range of vehicle training services and takes pride in being an RAT-approved institution.
Due to its implementation of contemporary convenience, Dubai Driving Centre is even more appealing. With its extensive online resources, learning is at your fingertips. Its online site makes it simple to sign up, participate in e-learning courses, and get ready for theory exams.

Discounts and special packages are available at this driving school for various eligibility requirements. Visit the organization’s website to learn more.Below mentioned are email website and email address. Contact Number +97144048000, Website :

 (3) Belhasa Driving Center: Belhasa is a prominent name in the driving education industry in Dubai. They offer comprehensive training and have multiple branches across the city.

 A famous driving school that has enhanced its standing among Dubai’s top driving schools is The Belhasa Driving Centre. This facility, located in the centre of Dubai, is a leader in cutting-edge driving education and is run by the inspirational Mr. Saif Ahmed Belhasa.

 Light motor vehicles, motorbikes, buses, trucks, shovels, and forklifts are just a few of the many vehicle categories that are catered to by this comprehensive centre. Over 650 light cars make up its remarkable fleet, which offers the best training for prospective drivers.
The 1:1 instructor-to-student ratio at Belhasa Driving Centre ensures a customised and efficient learning environment. E-classes are also available.Belhasa Driving Centre also provides special VVIP training packages that let you hone your driving abilities on high-end vehicles like Mercedes and Range Rover. These opulent packages, which offer a really upgraded educational experience, are divided into Business Class and First Class courses.Contact Number : +97145091200 , Website :
 (4) Galadari Motor Driving Center:
Galadari is known for its professional driving courses and experienced
instructors. They offer various programs tailored to different skill

GMDC, the Galadari Motor Driving Centre
The Galadari Motor Driving Centre (GMDC) complies with the RTA’s guidelines and is a recognised and authorised driving school in Dubai.

GMDC is a top source of driving instruction and provides a range of in-depth driving courses for several vehicle types, including motorcycles, forklifts, shovels, light vehicles, and heavy trucks.

Additionally, GMDC offers specialised advanced courses for drivers who enjoy defensive driving and off-roading for those looking for a more thrilling experience.
 Contact Number : +97142676166 , Website :

 (5) Al Ahli Driving Center: Al
Ahli is a well-respected driving school in Dubai that offers a variety
of courses, including defensive driving, to help learners become safe
and confident drivers.
Please keep in mind that the driving school
landscape can change over time, so it’s essential to check the most
recent reviews, prices, and offerings before making a decision on which
driving school to choose. Additionally, make sure that the driving
school you select is approved by the relevant authorities in Dubai.

 Contact number: +97143411500, website :


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