Elite Luxury Limousine Driver Jobs in Dubai 2024

To join Elite Luxury Limousine team, we are now seeking a qualified and experienced driver for our premium transport business, Elite Premium Limousine. Join our esteemed firm if you have experience driving a limousine or taxi in Dubai and become a part of an amazing team that provides unmatched service to our clients.

Job Detail


Career Level: Junior Languages: Hindi, English, and Arabic

Nationality: Any Company Size: 51-200

Education: Bachelor Job Type: Full-Time

Location: Al Barsha 2 Salary: AED 4000 – AED 6000

Experience Required: 2-5 Years

Location Dubai,UAE

Benefits As per UAE Labor law

Job Type: Full-time
Location: Dubai
Age: From 22
Benefits: Commission
Salary: AED 2,500.00 – AED 4,000.00 per month
Experience: Driving in Dubai: 2 years (Required)
Language: English (Required)
Police Clearance is required.
English Test (Required)
License/Certification: UAE driving License (Required)


Communication abilities in English.
• An active driver’s licence in the United Arab Emirates.
• In the age range of 22 to 44
• At least two to three years of experience operating a taxi or limousine in Dubai
• No objection certificate (NOC) from present or former employer; • RTA card necessary. If you were formerly employed by a cab firm, you must have a letter with a No Objection Certificate (NOC).
• Thorough knowledge of the routes, sites, and traffic laws in Dubai.
• Knowledge of ride-hailing services such as Yango, Careem, and Uber, among others.
• When applying, all candidates must include a resume along with a working phone number and a picture. Please also provide your work status as of right now.

Benefits and Perks of Being an Elite Luxury Limousine Driver

Working as an elite luxury limousine driver in Dubai offers numerous benefits and perks, including a high earning potential with generous tips and bonuses. Moreover, drivers enjoy the prestige and exclusivity associated with serving elite clientele, along with opportunities to network with influential individuals from around the world.


In conclusion, elite luxury limousine driver jobs offer a unique and rewarding career path for individuals seeking employment in Dubai’s luxury service industry. With the city’s reputation for extravagance and opulence, there is no shortage of opportunities for skilled and dedicated drivers to thrive and excel in their profession. If you have a passion for luxury vehicles and a commitment to providing exceptional service, consider exploring the elite luxury limousine driver jobs available in Dubai and embarking on a journey towards a prestigious and fulfilling career.


  1. What qualifications are required to become an elite luxury limousine driver in Dubai?To become an elite luxury limousine driver in Dubai, candidates must possess specialized driving skills, certifications, and impeccable grooming, along with strong communication skills and fluency in multiple languages.
  2. Where can I find job listings for elite luxury limousine driver positions in Dubai?Job listings for elite luxury limousine drivers can be found on luxury transportation company websites, recruitment agencies specializing in hospitality, and through networking within the industry.
  3. What are the benefits of working as an elite luxury limousine driver in Dubai?Benefits of working as an elite luxury limousine driver in Dubai include a high earning potential, prestige, and exclusivity associated with serving elite clientele, and opportunities for networking with influential individuals.
  4. What challenges do elite luxury limousine drivers face in Dubai?Elite luxury limousine drivers in Dubai may face challenges such as maintaining high standards of professionalism and discretion, navigating complex traffic conditions, and managing client expectations.
  5. Are there opportunities for career advancement for elite luxury limousine drivers in Dubai?Yes, opportunities for career advancement exist for elite luxury limousine drivers in Dubai, with potential pathways to managerial roles or entrepreneurship within the luxury transportation industry.

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